Training Budget

There are a couple ways you can reduce your training costs by taking advantage of our various offers (listed below):

“3-for-2” Policy Simple: Register three persons for any given Seminar and pay for only two, when paying in advance. This way you get 1/3-off and, a small company (HPC Technical Services) benefits by more timely cash-flow. This offer cannot be combined with the “Training Savings Program”.

Training Savings Program: Some clients have a need to reduce costs but cannot permit 3 or more persons attend every open-enrollment Seminar. HPC Technical Services can afford to offer reduced prices if we are guaranteed volume. The surest way to guarantee volume is to “pay-in-advance” a non-refundable fee. This non-refundable fee is the essence of our “Training Savings Program”. Simply pay $30,000 in advance. From this point forward, as you register in open-enrollment Seminars (or Seminars) you will benefit from a 40% discount (If your staff were to attend open-enrollment Seminars regularly, this $30,000 would be worth $50,000 in open enrollment pricing). There is no time-limitation! You do not have to use the training this year, or next, or the year after. But, then again, if it isn’t used over the next year or so, then you really didn’t achieve the expected volume. Some restrictions apply. The “3-4-2” Policy is not applicable for Training Savings Program members (you already saved as much as we can afford).

Let’s explain how the TSP works:

  1. First invest $30,000 by sending HPC a check for this amount.
  2.  HPC will open an account with this balance ($30,000) with a record of authorization (in other words, you need to tell us who in your company, which plants, whatever, is authorized to take advantage of the account).
  3. Register anyone for any HPC Seminar. For the sake of discussion, lets assume the Seminar fee was listed at $1,000. (Register as many or as few as you require, the 40% discount stands.)
  4. HPC will deduct $600 from the $30,000 balance, leaving you with a new balance of $29,400.