M403 – Root Cause Failure Analysis

M403 – Root Cause Failure Analysis


Repetitive failures cost “real” time and money and are not limited to physical / mechanical equipment breakdowns.  Administrative and procedural failures can also be found, analyzed, and eliminated through a “Root Cause Failure Analysis” program.  The intent of this 2-day course is provide the participant a thorough understanding of failure analysis.


At the completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify ‘chronic’ versus ‘sporadic’ failures.
  2. Describe the difference between physical root cause and latent root cause.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to develop, use, and interpret information on a logic tree.
  4. Determine which failures should be analyzed and which failures should not be analyzed.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to determine how far to go with an analysis.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to develop and administer an analysis recommendation.

Topical Outline

  1. Overview: Reason or cause for analysis, Failure analysis methods
  2. Problems vs Opportunities
  3. Why Failure Analysis Works; Order, Determination, and Discoverability
  4. Which Failures Should be Analyzed; Chronic vs Sporadic, Chronic System Barriers, Identify Non-Value Added Work
  5. The Logic Tree: Use and Symbols
  6. Logic Tree “Top Box”; Developing and identifying the elements of the ‘top box’
  7. Working Down the Logic Tree: Using a disciplined approach through problem solving
  8. Where to Stop: Ideas of control and influence
  9. Implementing Recommendations: Involve others with implementation, Exercising leverage for implementation.
  10. Course Conclusion and Discussion

Course dates / location / fee

See www.hpcnet.com for detail on the course dates / locations / and registration fees.  Course is typically 2-days in length, including recommended exam.

HPC’s 3-4-2 policy applies:  Sign up 3 for the same course/date, pay in advance, and pay for only 2 (the 3rd participant is free)!

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This 2-day class is followed by, in the same week, a 2-day class on Predictive Maintenance: M406.  Enroll for both courses and receive a discounted price.

What you will receive

  • 1 copy of HPC Technical Services' textbook, Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • A "Certificate of Completion"

Frequently asked questions

  • Will HPC Technical Services bring this course to our location for our personnel only? YES, call or e-mail Stephen Parker, stparker@hpcnet.com for a price quotation.
  • Will HPC Technical Services customize the presentation at our site to suit our particular needs?
  • Is HPC Technical Services' textbook available for purchase as a reference document? Coming Soon
  • What is the cost for HPC Technical Service to deliver this course at our location? Well, of course that can vary, but generally speaking, if you're planning on having 6+ attend, when considering your T&L; it is to your advantage to perform the course at your plant (office).  You gain from the customization and price.
  • Can HPC Technical Services provide "Technical Assistance" in conducting functional checkouts or troubleshooting problems? Yes we can.  Call or contact Stephen Parker, stparker@hpcnet.com for our rate sheets and any further information required.