G532 – (GE) Alterrex Excitation Systems

G532 – (GE) Alterrex Excitation Systems

5 days - 35 PDH Credits Awarded


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This is one of those systems that can run for seemingly, forever.  Then there is that “one-day”.  We all remember that one-day. That is the day you may wish you (or one of your plant's technicians/engineers) had attended this course.  If something has gone wrong then attention is going to be completely focused on you, assuming you are responsible for your AlterrexTM system.  Equipment-experienced engineers present the course.  Simply put, the overall objective of this (GE) AlterrexTM  This Excitation System Training Program is to develop the individuals responsible for plant operations, testing, calibration and maintenance of this system.  To accomplish we have a need to understand the “big-picture”, to understand the OEM print systems, to understand how to read those prints and maintenance instructions, and finally, we need to understand how to apply this knowledge toward the solution of operating problems. A topical outline for this course will include:  Generator Characteristics and Design Features, Operation of an Automatic Voltage Regulator, Excitation System Components,  Alternator Field Control, AC Regulator, Protective Features, Station One Line Diagram, Print Interpretation and Drawing Practices, Excitation System Alignment Procedures, Troubleshooting Tips, Techniques and Industry Examples This course is designed for Engineers, Technicians, and Electricians who have a need to maintain this system.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  1. Learn how the AlterrexTM Excitation System works.
  2. Learn the location and purpose of the major components that make up the AlterrexTM Excitation System.
  3. Learn to interpret alarms and know what corrective action is needed to take in the event of an alarm.
  4. Learn to perform recommended operational tests.
  5. Learn to perform periodical maintenance on the AlterrexTM Excitation System.
  6. Learn to accurately calibrate the AlterrexTM Excitation System utilizing the necessary OEM drawings.
  7. Learn to quickly and safely troubleshoot the AlterrexTM Excitation System if a problem should occur or a component fail within the system.

Course Outline

  1. Generator Characteristics and Design Features
    1. Mechanical Descriptions
    2. Electrical Descriptions
    3. Operation Parameters
  2. Operation of an Automatic Voltage Regulator
  3. Excitation System Components
    1. Alternating Exciter Description
    2. Power Rectifiers
    3. Voltage Regulator
  4. Alternator Field Control
    1. DC Regulator
    2. Regulator Front End
    3. Basic Amplifier Stage
    4. AC Regulator
    5. Transient Operation
    6. Power Rectifier and SCR Firing Circuits
    7. Diode Rectifier Circuits
  5. AC Regulator
    1. Exciter Stabilization Circuit
    2. Reactive Current Compensator
    3. Active Reactive Current Compensator
  6. Protective Features
    1. Under excited Reactive-Ampere Limit
    2. Generator Field Current Limiter
    3. Exciter Minimum Voltage Limit
    4. Phase Back Limit
    5. Exciter Field Current Limiter
    6. Overcurrent Relays
    7. Volts-per-Hertz Regulator
    8. Maximum Excitation Limit
    9. Automatic Tracking
  7. Station One Line Diagram
  8. Print Interpretation and Drawing Practices (Note: This topic is included in all discussions above)
  9. Excitation System Alignment Procedures (Note: This topic is addressed above as well)
  10. Troubleshooting Tips, Techniques and Industry Examples

Course Dates / Location / Fee

See www.TurbineGeneratorTraining.com for detail on the course dates / locations / and registration fees. HPC’s 3-4-2 policy applies:  Sign up 3 for the same course/date, pay in advance, and pay for only 2 (the 3rd participant is free)! HPC Technical Services reserves the right to cancel any course/seminar within 10-working days of the scheduled date.  Fees are 100% refunded or credited to another Seminar (clients' choice) if HPC should cancel any Seminar.  HPC is not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or other travel expenses under any circumstance.


All HPC instructors are educated ‘experts’ on the subjects they teach, with years of relevant hands-on experience (typically 20+ years), and have proven instructional skills. Brief resumes can be looked up on HPC’s website, www.TurbineGeneratorTraining.com.

What you will receive

  1. 1 copy of HPC Technical Services' textbook, (GE) AlterrexTM Excitation Systems
  2. A "Certificate of Completion" with 31 PDH.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will HPC Technical Services bring this course to our location for our personnel only? YES, call or email Stephen Parker, Stephen@TurbineGeneratorTraining.com for a price quotation.
  • Will HPC Technical Services customize the presentation at our site to suit our particular needs?
  • Is HPC Technical Services' textbook available for purchase as a reference document?
  • What is the cost for HPC Technical Service to deliver this course at our location? Well, of course that can vary, but generally speaking, if you're planning on having 6+ attend, when considering your T&L, it is to your advantage to perform the course at your plant (office).  You gain from the customization and price.
  • Can HPC Technical Services provide "Technical Assistance" in the maintenance troubleshooting of your excitation system? Yes we can.  Call or contact Stephen Parker, Stephen@TurbineGeneratorTraining.com for our rate sheets and any further information required.

Generator I&C Certification

Those who attend this course are automatically qualified to take HPC Technical Services' Certification Examination.  This examination is offered at no additional expense to the participant.  An 80% passing grade is required.  The examination length will not exceed 2-hours.  Those who complete this examination will receive a revised "certificate of completion" that recognizes this accomplishment along with two-copies of a "To Whom It May Concern" letter that states their accomplishment.  (Two copies are provided, one for the participants' employer and one for the participants' personal file.)  Consult HPC's website, www.TurbineGeneratorTraining.com, for detail on this certification program.