E505 – (GE) Load Commutated Inverters

E505 – (GE) Load Commutated Inverters


Drive system reliability can be a matter of skilled routine maintenance and proficient troubleshooting capability. This course is designed to improve those skills. Discussions include LCI drive system operation, effective procedures for routine maintenance and drive system adjustment, and on-line control system checks to verify proper operation. The GE Load Commutated Inverter course is designed for technicians and engineers responsible for LCI system maintenance.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:
  1. Describe the benefits of the Load Commutated Inverter (LCI) as a variable speed drive system.
  2. Describe the relationships of the LCI to a typical system.
  3. List the LCI major components.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge in using terms, conventions, and symbols encountered in the GE LCI drive systems documentation.
  5. Draw a system one-line of a typical LCI system.
  6. Discuss the power and control equipment and operation of the LCI drive system.
  7. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to perform corrective maintenance procedures on the LCI drive system.
  8. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to perform preventive maintenance procedures on the LCI drive system.

Course Outline

  1. Drive System Application
  2. Components: Isolation Transformer, Rectifier Bridge, DC Link Reactor, Inverter Bridge, Isolation Contractor, Excitation Voltage Controller, Medium Electronics Module, Small Electronics Module, Harmonic Filter
  3. LCI System Overview: LCI System Arrangement, LCI System Electrical Line-up, Synchronous Motor Fundamentals, SCR Fundamentals
  4. Commutation: Steady State, Modes, Faults
  5. LCI System Control: Electronics Modules, Power Components, Diagnostics
  6. Maintenance: Routine/Preventive, Problem Analysis, Troubleshooting

What you will receive

  • HPC Technical Services' fully illustrated textbook:  (GE) Load Commutated Inverters.
  • HPC's Certificate of Completion

Course Dates / Location / Fee

On-Site Only

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