E315 – High Voltage Circuit Breaker Maintenance

E315 – High Voltage Circuit Breaker Maintenance

4.5 days - 32 PDH Credits Awarded



This course is designed to present some of the more common aspects of low and medium voltage switchgear maintenance. It must be understood that there is an incredible variety of equipment used on low and medium switchgear today. Switchgears play an important role in the distribution and control of electrical power in manufacturing or power plant and in a utility distribution system. Negligent maintenance practices can lead to power system inefficiency and loss of system reliability. This course instructs on mechanical maintenance practices and the conducting of electrical tests.  Safety and the benefits of preventive maintenance is stressed throughout the course presentation. Topical Outline includes: Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear, Types of Breakers, Arc Interruption, Insulation Resistance Testing, Power Factor Testing, Instrument Transformer Testing, Low Voltage Protective Devices, Circuit Breaker Construction, Air Circuit Breakers, and Vacuum Circuit Breakers.


Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to:
  1. Discuss standard switchgear terminology.
  2. Describe the general classifications of circuit breakers.
  3. Describe circuit breaker construction.
  4. Discuss circuit breaker ratings and their application.
  5. Describe arcs and arc interruption.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to read and interpret manufacturer trip curves.
  7. Describe insulation resistance testing, related safety issues, use of equipment, and procedures.
  8. Describe power factor testing
  9. Describe transformer tests that are typically performed during as part of preventive maintenance packages.
  10. Describe the application of protective devices to circuit breakers.
  11. Discuss the operation and maintenance of air circuit breakers.
  12. Discuss the operation and maintenance of vacuum circuit breakers
  13. Discuss the operation and maintenance of gas circuit breakers

Course Outline

  1. Introduction: Voltage Convention, Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear, Types of Breakers, Arc Interruption
  2. Insulation Resistance Testing: Factors Affecting Insulation Resistance, Temperature Correction, Insulation Resistance Testing, Circuit Breaker Insulation Resistance Testing, High Potential Testing
  3. Power Factor Testing: Advantages, Test Procedure, Data Interpretation
  4. Instrument Transformer Testing: Polarity Testing, Turns Ratio Testing, Secondary Excitation Testing
  5. Low Voltage Protective Devices: Requirements, Time-Current Characteristics, Tripping Devices, Maintenance and Testing
  6. Circuit Breaker Construction: Components, Operating Mechanism
  7. Air Circuit Breakers: Medium Voltage, Low Voltage
  8. Vacuum Circuit Breaker<Vacuum Circuit Breaker Interrupter, Maintenance
  9. Gas Circuit Breaker: Discussion, Sulphur Hexaflouride Gas Interruption
  10. Circuit Breaker Maintenance and Testing: Maintenance Fundamentals, Initial Tests, Routine Tests, Adjustments, Insulation Resistance Testing, Contact Resistance Tests, High Potential Tests, Power Factor Tests, and Breaker Motion Analysis

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What you will receive

  • HPC Technical Services' fully illustrated textbook:  High Voltage Circuit Breaker Maintenance.
  • HPC's Certificate of Completion with 31 PDH awarded.

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