B409 – Boiler Design & Construction

B409 – Boiler Design & Construction

5 days - 35 PDH Credits Awarded



The Boiler Design and Construction course is designed for people preparing to install a new boiler and/or perform major upgrades to an operating boiler.  This course is aimed at providing personnel with the knowledge to enable them to work with consulting engineers to select a boiler design to effectively provide the intended service.  The course will acquaint them with the types and styles of boilers, construction characteristics of different boiler designs, and expected operating efficiencies.


At the completion of this course the participant will be able to:
  1. Explain the phases of water.
  2. Explain the modes of heat transfer within the boiler.
  3. State the basic thermodynamic process which occurs in a boiler.
  4. Discuss the various factors which determine proper combustion in the boiler.
  5. Describe the major components that make up a utility sized boiler.
  6. Explain the construction of these major components within a  boiler.
  7. Describe practical methods to meet environmental requirements.

Course Outline

  1. Fundamentals of Boiler Design
  2. Types of Boilers
  3. Boiler Operation
  4. Materials used in Boiler Construction
  5. Choice of Fuel
  6. Meeting Environmental Requirements
  7. Boiler Component Manufacturing
  8. Component Shipping and Storage
  9. Boiler Erection
  10. Boiler Auxiliary Equipment
  11. Preparation for Startup.

Course Dates / Location / Fee

See www.TurbineGeneratorTraining.com for detail on the course dates / locations / and registration fees. HPC’s 3-4-2 policy applies:  Sign up 3 for the same course/date, pay in advance, and pay for only 2 (the 3rd participant is free)! HPC Technical Services reserves the right to cancel any course/seminar within 10-working days of the scheduled date.  Fees are 100% refunded or credited to another Seminar (clients' choice) if HPC should cancel any Seminar.  HPC is not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or other travel expenses under any circumstance.

What you will receive

  1. 1 copy of the textbook. It is a valuable desktop reference in addition to being able to enhance the learning process.
  2. A "Certificate of Completion" with 35 PDH awarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will HPC Technical Services bring this course to our location for our personnel only?   YES, call or email Stephen Parker, stparker@TurbineGeneratorTraining.com for a price quotation.
  • Will HPC Technical Services customize the presentation at our site to suit our particular needs?  Yes.
  • What is the cost for HPC Technical Service to deliver this course at our location?  Well, of course that can vary, but generally speaking, if you're planning on having 6+ attend, when considering your T&L, it is to your advantage to perform the course at your plant (office).  You gain from the customization and price.