About HPC

HPC Technical Services a provider of technical training services. We specialize in “Technology Transfer” from the OEM to the user. HPC Technical Services was incorporated as H Parker & Company, Inc. in the State of Florida in December 1992. Since then HPC has provided technical training services in every state in the United States, every province of Canada, as well as off North America’s soil. Internationally, we’ve serviced clients in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Grenada, Mexico, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and the Cayman Islands. “Click here” for a compete client listing.

HPC Technical Services has provided “off-the-shelf” training programs in a multitude of disciplines that include:

  • Mechanical Maintenance SkillsElectrical Maintenance Skills
  • Electrical Systems: Motors, Motor Starting Circuits, Variable Speed Drives, Generators, Circuit Breakers, Transformers, and PLCs.
  • Mechanical Systems: Pumps, Blowers, Heat Exchangers, HVAC, Steam Turbines, Combustion Turbines, Diesels, and Boiler Equipment.
  • Professional Development

HPC Technical Services has also developed site-specific training programs per client needs. Usually this is a customization of “off-the-shelf” training programs to better fit specific needs. Sometimes, this has meant development of materials from ‘scratch’.

HPC Technical Services has developed site specific “System Descriptions”, “Operating Procedures”, and “Corrective/Preventive Maintenance Procedures”. The most extensive project to date was for a 1300-megawatt electrical generating facility. This effort included all mechanical and electrical systems, except for the fuel.

HPC Technical Services has developed and delivered a series of “Professional Development” Seminars as well. These include “Project Management”, “Train-the-Technical Trainer”, and “Engineering Economics.” These Seminars were developed as a result of the technical expertise that HPC staff brings to the industry.

HPC is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, but has personnel located in Baltimore MD, Oakland CA, Decatur IL, Pittsburgh PA, Dallas TX, Cleveland OH, Philadelphia PA, and Hartford CT.